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Why anyone would endure such a treatment is an even greater puzzle. Do you mean it or are you just blowing smoke —comic strip "Sally Forth" 4 v phr by s To smoke marijuana or hashish: To blow smoke up someone's ass. The optional addition of "up [someone's] ass" to "blow smoke" in the definition 2 sense of the phrase but not to any of the others strongly suggests that the extra wording serves as an insulting intensifier rather than representing a phrase grounded in some sort of medical or physiological procedure. Blow smoke up someone's arse is used for both related meaning of lying and exaggerating insincere flattering:. Big as you are in the county.

Most of the discussions I've seen are in the context of the phrase's purported origins in a quasi-medical practice used either to revive drowning victims or to test for signs of life.

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And from Pamela Munro, Slang U. A somewhat similar usage reported in South Africa and published in Australia occurs in By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I've long understood the phrase "blowing smoke up someone's arse" to mean lying. The earliest match in a n Elephind search that explicitly identifies someone's ass as the conduit for blown smoke in a slang sense is from John Anderson, " Billie Carr:

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