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To those who believe he is gay or bi, any proof? Language is a funny thing. We use "spanner" to refer to someone who is incredibly hot - because they tighten our nuts. Jason is my favorite character on TB and I think Kwanten's accent is excellent for a non-American actor. Ever sense then, I have been unable to look at him in the same way and no longer find him hot. Actually he's a really good actor, as he's nothing like his character on TB. I watched that trashy show just to see Kwanten and Christian.

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Any girl or guy in his life?

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Celebrity Skin: Ryan Kwanten’s Butt (Again)

Caring about the existence vel non of Ryan kwanten is sooo His internal struggles and revelations about why he has so much sex and being too young when his teacher took advantage of him Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. That ass is unbelievable. I thought the rumors were bogus, but there could be a spark of truth in them, if that clip is any indication Winston Churchill was right about Brits and Americans being two peoples separated by a common language! Click Here for a sample.

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  1. She's a sweet, funny, dirty and kinky af girl. She has an album out. Like a sex parody album with all her own songs....pretty funny shit.. very hillbillyish (like their vids) which is what gives her "her charm." Her Bf (he's in Vid) is a smart fuck and wrote a book just rcently.