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All Drawn Together really is is tasteless content combined with sickening levels of shock-value and obvious but still non-funny references to pop culture and the media. So funny it almost destroyed my laptop. This series only repeats exactly the same kind of stuff that is usually showed in all those cartoons, and for that reason, I always found it to be dumb, predictable and painfully unfunny, as it were the animated version of one those awful movies made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. The parodies of stock cartoon characters the Pokemon creature, the "Sleeping Beauty" Disney princess, Superman, and the anime or fantasy epic elf are very badly rendered. Never before was there a Disneyesque musical number done about a lesbian kiss, and one can only hope there will be many more in this show's future.

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It is executed with all the style and grace of a sack beating - pummeling the life out of any potential laugh in its desire to be faster, cruder and more nonsensical.

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It does not tend to the "reality TV" experience that much, what i mean by that is the way you see the program, is not from obscure camera angles, and there is no big brother from the outside speaking to them. Here's an example of one of the longest moments that was supposed to be funny: This TV show is hilarious. Toot gets sad, and then she decides to cut herself with a razor. Watch South Park if you want an example of an offensive show that hits all the right marks and manages to be hilarious and relevant. It was funny and surprisingly clever. LoneWolfAndCub 7 October

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