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Stick out your tongue like a snake Bite my ass like a grape Like the flash, lick it fast. Never knew ya' What? Lick my booty from the bottom to the top WHOO! Come on bitch just drive me crazy, Stick out your tongue, make me cry like a baby, The boys from the bottom like hos, All them girls booty lickin' pros, Take your time, don't do it too fast, And remember be gentle when you're lickin' my ass. I need to know. Ass licker

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What's up baby, homestyle stick out your tongue and make me smile inbetween the mountains, come on in and on my face you see a big grin I like a girl with a big tongue When she opens up her mouth she can touch the roof To get with this, you've gotta have guts.

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Mmm, lick my ass, bitch. Make me wanna cry, baby. Take a chance, don't do it too fast Remember get dirty when you're lickin' my ass. Lick lick lick lick lick my booty, It's hot, but it's juicy, Stick out your tongue, like a snake, Bite my ass, girl, like a grape, It's blaaaaaaack, lick it fast, Come on girl, suck that ass, Yeeaaaaaah baby, Come on, dive a nigga' crazy, Lickity lickity lickity split, 'Cause Brain Damage just love that shit, Work that booty with an ice cube, Suck my dick and my nuts too, But let me do ya, take it to ya, Once I screw ya I never knew ya, What? You wanted kids, I'll pass. You get with this, you gotta have guts. In between the mountains, come on in.

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smirf can i lick your
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smirf can i lick your
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