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These types of thermometers are available at pharmacies. Would laying on my side be a good position for inserting a rectal thermometer? The differences between core temperature and measurements at different locations, known as clinical biasis discussed in the article on normal human body temperature. You notice any other unexplained symptoms. These are cheap disposable devices and avoid the need for sterilizing for re-use. The rapidity and the safety to get corporal temperatures with a tympanic thermometer of infrared rays are advantages concerning this method. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias.

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Thermistor elements are the most sensitive temperature sensors available.

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Taking a Rectal Temperature

Stop if you feel any resistance. Evidence of hemispheric specialization in marmosets Callithrix penicillata: Purchase a digital rectal thermometer. They have abdominal pain when they urinate. Views Read Edit View history. The average body temperature is It would later be reversed by Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus — in

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the o anal thermometer
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the o anal thermometer
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