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So I posted a topic on this a few days ago and somebody said to check at night with a flashlight for mites or lice. I think the featherlessness is starting to spread on at least one of my girls; I noticed a little bare patch on her leg too. Jun 2, Post 2 of I guess its feather pluckers but its only our 2 barred rocks that have silly naked butts, the third one has all her feathers but is looking like she might be starting to lose some too, but thats out of 23 chickens. Do you already have an account? Victoria Lomba Hot sex Training. I had been reluctant to put my problem up to pecking since my girls never pick at each other during the day, but last night, just as they were going up to the roost, my one girl the one with all the feathers, like you said turned around and started picking feathers off one of my other girls.

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I did that and found nothing at all.

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Naked chicken butts

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jun 2, Post 5 of I'm getting one or two a day, and I'm not sure which ones are laying and which aren't. They don't get messed with that often I was told the feathers won't grow back until they molt, so I have three hens with bald spots, but otherwise happy.

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nude buff chicks butts
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nude buff chicks butts
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