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The women of the Arab societies are manipulated and oppressed by men. Nowadays, in the United States, 46 percent of high school students and 62 percent of high schools seniors have had sexual intercourse. They develop their own visibility of their active sexual life. The lower percentage of positive answers The aim of youth is to maintain the conformity with the family honor [15]. Questions 5 and 6 show the equality between genders regarding virginity. We also question about the hesitation and sincerity of our population.

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The information and the knowledge they receive about it is limited [11].

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It is a subject that interested and puzzled mankind since the beginning of history, namely, the way people conceive sexuality and practice it. Talking about sexuality without prejudice, with acceptance of their knowledge, practice and problems they encounter. Comparing beliefs and practice we find that It involves religion practices and beliefs supported by conservative societies. Significance of high percentage of some YES answers by region. This study examines the influence of demographics and genders among a group of Lebanese university students, from public and private universities, as well as the fluctuation of sexual beliefs and practices.

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