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Scruff on Mon, However, I've had plenty of conversations and experiences - some odd, some hilarious, some just sad - that came about because of porn. Nobody would be into that unless they had a body hair fetish - and so they watch 'normal' porn instead, and internalise the idea that pubes are something weird or gross. I learned about sex from my dad's Hustler stack. I probably would have started trying to discover myself faster if not for other events which is unrelated

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Porn: How Much (or How Little) Does it Influence Your Sexuality?

It really depends on which porn- Permalink Submitted by anonymonster on Mon, Ever since I found it I have been watching and looking at it off and on but ever since I hit pubertyI've been watching porn A LOT especially when I get turned on or want to jerk off. I am very aroused by females and makes, not at all. It has A LOT of influence, in the way that it influences others. Where I'd like to be touched, how I want to be touched, other details like that, I see in porn then I'm curious as to how I'd respond to that and if that really works the way it does there.

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