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She appraised Sarah for a moment before smirking and patting her cheek in a condescending way. She has to EARN that. The trunk was opened and a pillowcase was shoved over her head to keep her from seeing anything. The next morning, she was cut free of her bindings and led, stumbling and blind, down a hallway. She was dragged down a hallway into another room and forced to her knees on a carpet. Watch a half hour of porn while only touching your thighs, then we can talk about if you get to edge or not. Had they just left her down here?

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Suddenly came the little strokes of a phallus against her soft, wet petals, just pushing to that twitching opening. She heard the deep voiced man speaking, but his words were muffled. The first thirty of these days will be served in isolation, with the possibility of sexual servitude thereafter. He skipped the gag, opting instead to muffle her pleas for mercy with his hand. She tried to moan and beg for mercy, but the wrap kept her words reduced to pitiful mewls. The Abduction and Torment of Sarah. Here, have some more.

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  1. who greets their family with "hey stepsister, how are you?" WTF?! WE GET IT!!!

  2. I don't understand why Japanese men always move so clumsilly in porn. Is that a preference over there?