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He brushes his fingers over Jimin's nipples, making him produce a strangled noise. He sets Jimin free, tossing the handcuffs aside. Power to the people — from the s to today Part 2 By Marthe Lisson. In what environment, at what time was a recording made? His Jiminie-hyung, who so boldly talked about his bare back, showing through the lace. He slowly sinks down on Jimin's cock, steadying himself by holding onto his shoulders. Jimin, also fueled by the desire of wanting to cum, grabs Jungkook by the ass and lifts both of them up.

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Jungkook had his suspicions from the start, when they had their first outfit fitting.

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He sets his phone down and positions himself, smirking at Jimin. It takes a couple extra snaps of hips for Jungkook to reach his orgasm, legs trembling as strings of cum paint his chest white, some even hitting his shirt. Adding a second finger, he takes the pleasure to torture Jimin even more. Jimin moans against his mouth, using one of his hands to cup Jungkook's ass, kneading the flesh. It's such a sweet buzz, a sweet pleasure crossing his body, he can feel Jimin all over him, consuming him. Jungkook hollows his cheeks, sucking on the dick with a pressure that has Jimin biting his lips, hard enough to draw blood.

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