Your sister in law are extremely

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Hey Melody, This is awesome! Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Make excuses not to see her. You described my SIL to a T. For example, ask other family members to meet you at different times than when she is around, more often than not.

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Remind one another whenever it veers anywhere near close to gossip and shut it down.

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My sister-in-law has made me feel hurt and excluded, and my husband has allowed this

She just rubs me the wrong way in every way possible. At that point I created great distance between us Step 1. Take walks, get outside and don't overstay any welcome when it comes to drawn-out family events that press your buttons. What did her behavior say about you? Paige - simple mindfulness. The reality is, "she's probably insecure and needs to compete with you to feel like she measures up," says Chlipala. And since you're already taken, offer to be her wing woman.

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your sister in law are extremely
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your sister in law are extremely
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