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Though she tends to style her hair neatly, occasionally, a hair on top of her head may form into a messy cowlick. She wore pale blue pajamas while recovering at Dr. With that, The Straw Hats bade Gaimon goodbye and continued on to their journey. This shocked both Nami and Sanji. The Minister of the Left also gave her a New World Log Pose to replace her old Log Pose, which had become unreliable due to the more unpredictable nature of magnetic fields coming from islands in the New World, which she began to wear henceforth.

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Nami fell into the oil slick but managed to switch spots with Zoro and ran off to fight, leaving Zoro behind.

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Kureha tells Nami some of what was Chopper's background. By having Franky shoot Chopper into the sea which their location is also where Zoro and Sogeking were fighting Kaku and Jabrait would allow them to nullify Chopper's Devil Fruit powers where afterwards Franky would go save Chopper from drowning. Knowing his abilities, they made an 'X' mark on their right arms and covered them with bandages to know when he was posing as one of them. When leaving Zou she wore a skirt and shirt with the number "73" on it and later a hooded fur coat when the crew was traveling in cold weather. Nami overcomes her pain thinking of how much Vivi has suffered, that her wound cannot compare to. During the Whiskey Peak Arcshe wore a black shirt with the word "MODE" printed in the center in pink with the base in a pink mesh-like design, her regular yellow skirt and her high-heeled sandals.

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one piece nami takes her shirt off
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one piece nami takes her shirt off
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