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I also found that many of the men who frequent these clubs have low self-esteem themselves, and they may want a dancer who can put them at ease and kind of take charge of the situation. You don't want to take your turn in the stage rotation? You will make the most amount of money at it when you are young and fresh, so save most of it. I have been wracking my brain and driving myself crazy thinking of different ways I could put myself through college and do things for myself, but everything in this world involves money and that's something I don't have any access to. I trained girls that needed to stay, and sent many home to get regular jobs telling them how to get by without dancing if they could afford to go at it alone. You didn't make enough today to cover your house fee? On better days around 7 hundred.

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Have you been to the bump and grind of a so called regular night club lately?

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Stripping Away: Will tighter rules make strip clubs safer, or extinct?

How did you get your alternative medicine grant?! Stripping gave me confidence and a strong sense of self. I have met a ton of creeps. I visited the Ecstasy in OC covering the period and more including recently that the interviewee worked there. Seriously, and I loved the interview! I'm a new follwer. Sometimes me, or I could delegate to someone else, like the DJ, or perhaps a friend who would stop by the club at the right time.

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