Lateralization facial expressions

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Brain lateralization and sudden death: A large portion of regions primarily in the right hemisphere are activated during aversive classical conditioning. This lateralization is also apparent when processing emotions. FMRI and lesion studies have shown asymmetrical activation of brain regions while thinking of emotions, responding to extreme emotional stimuli, and viewing emotional situations. While these studies may provide a good insight into certain brain regions and their functions their conclusions are not definite. Its role in the neurogenic heart syndrome.

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Symptoms that arise from confined regions of damage usually have stereotypical emotional and behavioral changes.

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Laterality of facial expressions of emotion: Universal and culture-specific influences.

This lateralization is also apparent when processing emotions. There also appears to be a greater increase in neural activity in the left amygdala corresponding to an increasingly fearful stimulus. Many brain regions are interconnected and the input and output of any given region may come from and go to many different regions. The lateralization is extremely apparent in the anterior cingulate cortex ACC and anterior insular cortex AI associated with higher emotions such as romantic love and motivation correlated with homeostatic functions. Below are two major issues associated with many of the experiments studying emotion that require further explanation. Since the majority of experiments in emotional lateralization have been on fear this leaves the question of whether other emotions are also lateralized. Understanding emotional lateralization will help scientists understand emotion in general.

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lateralization facial expressions
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lateralization facial expressions
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