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Once she came to the rope-and-plank bridge, however, she took it a bit slowly. And early this morning he had this big bag of something he was lugging with him. Gerudo … the name was familiar, but Link was still far too exhausted to stress his mind and think any further on it. Zelda did not even have a chance to respond or defend herself. But we need to try to remain calm so we can think. He wondered if Zelda was hurt--or worse. Some wore boots with pointed toes, others strappy silver sandals, others black flats.

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It was most certainly a woman's.

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Link grumbled and mumbled into his gag, shaking his head from side-to-side as if it could actually loosen the women's prodding fingers from his cheek. Don't make this trip harder on my own horse than it has to and she'll be well fed tonight. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he wondered what her reaction would be if she knew what kind of reaction he got just from looking at her pictures. The Gerudo woman, whose name was Lyrana, looked pensive. And without further hesitation, the woman looped a coil of rope up, took his hands by the wrists, and slipped it over them. Slowly, he leaned forward and laid his head against Epona's mane.

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naked tied up zelda
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naked tied up zelda
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