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Take a look, and be sure to visit the artists' pages. If you liked watching the cartoon with your milk and cereal when you were a little kid, there are plenty of adult pictures you can look at now that you are older. Yet, despite being quite mature and well-travelled for her age, Misty hates vegetables. Ash pleads for them to let him leave to get life-saving medicine for Pikachu, and they relent. Or it could be the simple fact that Misty has been with Ash the longest. Misty has a pretty deep connection to Team Rocket, in the West at least. The only difference was that it was skewed towards a more grown up audience.

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Instead, another Pokemon is her "star.

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You can also find them in places like DeviantArt and Tumblr where artists have drawn pictures of characters with their tops off and skirts lifted. That could be because she was the original, and people love their nostalgia. The gym leader side of Misty is my favorite side of her, because it shows that she's a strong and experienced fighter, and not just a '90s kid's fantasy. However, this kind of porn is not only available on the sites you would be afraid for anyone to find in your browser history. Yet the whole time, Rudy is busy trying to romance Misty. Were she smart, she would have invested in turning him into a truly ferocious Golduck.

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pictures of people from pokemon naked
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pictures of people from pokemon naked
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