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Do you actually have a relationship with your child? I was like ok, mice are NOT pillows, nor are they meant for you to chase! Teenager is to Messy Room as Prisoner is to Orange Jumpsuit If you're the parent of a teenager, now or in the past, then most likely you've had numerous fights or at least given an exasperated lecture to try to get your son or daughter to clean his or her room. They learn that attention comes from not doing something or doing something. Julia Pechar, an year-old high school student, had a pretty messy room by most teens' standards. Although she acknowledges the messy room caused her injury, apparently she has no desire to clean it. When our son was small I kept his room very orderly because i wanted him to be accustomed to order.

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I use my room as a bedroom, closet, living room, den, and exercise space if my floor has space.

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No one wants to feel like she is wasting her time. Forcing teenagers to clean up after themselves to avoid a larger issue should be encouraged for parents. Parents rule over everything in the house apart from rooms of their children and since the children only have one room to rule over they should at least have the privilege to make the room a space of their own. So seriously, stop being mean to your teen and actually use your brain! Even though I'm no longer a teenager, I will use the communal "we" to describe the actions and thoughts of myself and my almost-peers. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Also, you might want to consider getting distracted.

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